Take a closer look


We are born with a desire to dream big, but something happens along the way that robs us of dreaming big.

We spend time searching for answers to the things we have been asking for years...answers to our dreams, our passions, and our calling. We don’t look in the obvious places that the answers are found because we think we have already been there.

There is power in looking again with new eyes.

We have to learn how to take a closer look at the things we dismiss.

This week, Young Adult Leader, Jake Clampitt, shed light onto taking a closer look at things we may need to go back and revisit in order for us to reignite our dreams, vision, and passion.

We were challenged with three things we need to take a closer look at in order to get a clearer picture of what it looks like to walk into what God has for us.

1. Take a closer look at YOU.

  • If you are looking for vision, you need to know what you want. You will never know what is useful if you don’t have a vision for yourself. When you don’t have a clear vision for where you are headed, everything seems to be useful.
  • You can’t know if you are making progress without a baseline. Take sometime to write things down. Who you want to be, who you want to attract, and what you really want. If we don’t know WHO we won’t know what to walk to.

2. Take a closer look at CHURCH.

  • If you are struggling to get a personal vision, latch onto a strong vision from the church.
  • Something moves in you when you get around people who are moving.
  • There is power in getting onboard a God-vision that will start to shift things in your own personal vision.

3. Take a closer look at your GOD.

  • We have to look at His will and His plan. If we are heirs to His will, all we have to do is show up.
  • There is wisdom and depth hidden in His word. Spend time getting to know Him and dive into what He promises and who He is.
  • It is a lot easier to walk towards your calling than running from it.
  • God wants to expand your world, not shrink it.
  • The best things God has for us are usually hiding in plain sight.

Spend sometime this week taking a closer look at who you are, what church is, and who God is to you.

There is power in revisiting things through new eyes.

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