The Weight of Perfection

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Whether you & I are aware of it or not, there is a battle in us to strive for perfection.

This past Sunday, we took a look at Moses in Numbers 20. God gave Moses a specific promise, but Moses traded it in for comfort. We see that Moses ends up dying looking at the Promise Land without actually ever getting into it.

The reality is, in our own lives, we would much rather sit our comfort rather than chase our breakthrough.

Moses didn’t enter the Promise Land because he lacked ownership. Moses wanted to blame everyone else, when it was Moses who decided to rely on his own comfort and his own strength.

Could it be that we don’t walk into the places God has for us because we are so caught up on blaming the people around us for what came out of us?

1. We all need forgiveness.

The weight of perfection will make you want to defend yourself.

When we defend ourselves, we are hoping to justify our wrongs, but what if we just accepted that we need forgiveness?

What if we were okay with the fact that we aren’t going to get it right all of the time? What if we were okay with the fact that we aren’t always going to be perfect?

We need to take ownership and realize we need forgiveness so we can move into what God has.

We can live in the freedom of grace.

2. Don’t let your previous journey change the way you walk.

If you walk in the ways of what you have experienced, you will not walk with the same strength and confidence. We can let our journey weather us so badly, that before we know it, we don't walk the same because we end up walking cautiously.

3. If you can’t understand repentance and forgiveness, you give way to pride.

Pride creates a blind side, and that blind side stops you from being all God has called you to be.

Maybe we are not where we need to be because we can’t acknowledge what we need to be.

Let’s live a life under the power of grace, not the weight of perfection.

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Sunday's Worship Setlist

New Start - Elevation Youth
So Will I (100 Billion Times) - Hillsong United
King of My Heart - Bethel Music