The Confines of Perfection


Our strive for perfection confines us.

What if the desire to be better, to be perfect, and to be the best version of ourselves ends up holding us in a prison of "almost", but never actually allowing us to arrive. 

If we are going to be all that God wants us to be, we have to escape the confines of perfection. We have to let go of the desire to have the perfect picture with the perfect understanding.

1. You need to get your cross

  • It is impossible to arrive at your purpose without first picking up your cross.
  • We think there is a lack of understanding or that we cannot hear our purpose, but it can be silenced by willingness.
  • What if you became willing to forfeit your cross to take up His?

Unless you are willing to do what you are afraid of most, you will never step into what you are made for.

You can take up your cross by saying “This is what I am made to do and this is what I have to give up.”

Picking up your cross is knowing we don’t need a detailed plan but knowing you do have a Savior Who will work it out for you.

2. You can’t figure it out.

  • Faith does not come by knowing.
  • He is not looking for understanding from us. He is looking for willingness.
  • What if God’s preface is not one of knowing one but trusting more?

You can’t lean on your understanding, but you can build your life on the wisdom of His kingdom.

Jesus wants us to share His spirit with Him.

3. This is a revolution led by the broken.

  • God wants to use people who are willing to embrace their brokenness and those who are willing to make way for His strength.
  • You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to be better. You just need to be willing.

The weakness of God is stronger than Human Strength.

Don’t over complicate the simplicity of His message: Love God. Trust God. Step out.

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