Have you ever felt like where you are is somewhere you don’t belong?

The truth is that Jesus has you exactly where He wants you to be.

The greatest weapon the enemy has is to convince you that you are a stranger in a place you were made for. The devil wants to keep you isolated, but you have to live your life in such a way that you understand God draws close to you irrespective of what you find yourself in.

We have to get into the places that the world says we don’t belong and we don’t need to be more qualified...we just need to be more willing.

If we are going to inhabit the places we don’t belong, we have to shift our value system so we understand why we do belong. We must become less aware of the things the world cares about and more aware of our substance.

1. Own your platform

Every new season comes with a platform. Your calling is not a destination; it’s a lifestyle.  Your calling is not somewhere you get to; it’s something you get to do daily.

In order to first own your platform, you have to have an understanding that where God has you is where God wants you. If you don’t step to your platform, you will never utilize it.

2. God will reveal your audience

When you start to own your platform, God will reveal who your audience is. When you take ownership of your platform, the visibility of the audience becomes more clear and you can speak to what is in front of you.

A lot of times, it’s easy to be consumed with fear about what you lack. But the more you lean on what is not right about you, the more they can see what is right about Him.

You become a better reflection of Jesus when you embrace your brokenness rather than when you put up a front of wholeness.

3.  Lose your loyalty to yesterday

You and I constantly define ourselves in divinities rather than defining ourselves in the terms of growth. We are so loyal to yesterday that we end up cheating on what God has for us today. We need to embrace that tomorrow is a new day and His mercies are new for a reason.

If you live your life wondering if you will have enough- then you’ve missed it. God gives you a new dose every single day. Let’s start getting good at letting go of our defeats. Let’s start to own the places we feel like we don’t belong. We belong in the places that don’t make sense.

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