The Places You Don't Belong PT. 2


Have you ever struggled to explain Jesus?

If we take a look at the Bible and the way God works, it seems like there is a theme in the way God does things and the way He uses people. God seems to take the abstract and put them in places where they don’t fit.

God likes to speak into our weakness and has no concern for our strengths. So why does God put us in the places we don’t belong? Why would He rather lean on our weakness and not embrace our strengths?

If we take a look back at our key verses for this series, 1 Corinthians 25 says, “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”

It is easier to depend on our own strength than on the wisdom that we cannot see, but Jesus wants us to trust Him and lean on His strength from the places where we are weak.

The reality is that you will shine brighter when you are out of your own element long enough to allow God to show up and do what He does. Your weakness is a better canvas than your strength.

So ask yourself, "Is Jesus enough?"

So often we feel like we need more. We don’t know how to trust because we are constantly looking for Jesus in the things we can see, but we won’t find Him there. Trusting Jesus means trusting in the unseen.

God operates in the supernatural. For us, that means we are going to have to simply trust. We have to go and wait for God to show up. We have to know that what happens in the unseen is what sets us up for what God is calling us to be. There is substance in the unseen.

God will never let you down; you just have to go. When you go and experience what God has for you, He gives you your own testimony. Others may deny your testimony, but they weren’t in it. Your testimony is between you and Jesus. Your testimony is something that no one can take from you. The fruit of your life is an indication that He is real.

When it doesn’t make sense, the best thing you can be armed with is a better revelation of Jesus.

You don’t need more proof. All Jesus wants is for you is to walk with Him, and out of that He will provide all the proof you need.

Keep stepping. Keep walking. Trust in the unseen.

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Sunday’s Worship Setlist

Struck by Grace - Elevation Youth

Never Gonna Hide - SEU Worship

Extravagant - Bethel Music

Take Courage - Bethel Music