Overlooked Or Overlooking?


We all have times where we feel overwhelmed and overlooked, but what if we are actually not overlooked? To be overlooked means something is missing, but what if you and I are so consumed with paying attention to what everyone else has that we are missing out on what is right in front of us. What if you and I are the ones overlooking?

God has not overlooked you, but what if you're overlooking what God is doing in you? It's so easy to overlook the smalls things that God is using to create big things.

1.  What is on your life is not always in your life.

There is a gap between where you are now and where God is taking you. So what do you do with the space that consists of what is on your life but yet not in your life?

You have to realize that before God can put what is on your life in your life, He has to do something in you. We spend so much time overlooking the small, everyday things because we romanticize what lies ahead. God is a God who can make great things out of the small.

God has to do something in you before He puts something on you. You don’t have to look at the "desert season" as a dry season when it can be used as preparation. Have you allowed God to do something in your life so that you can be ready for what He has for you?

What God is doing in your life right currently is preparing you for what is to come that is on your life. Don’t overlook where He has you. Think about what you can be doing right now, and flourish in the moment. 

Calibrate yourself to what is on your life. Walk to it before you are expected to live to it.

2. Follow your God-given instructions.

There are God-given, specific instructions for you. These instructions are meant for you one, and they are specific to your life. Obedience goes a long way.

When you realize there are specific instructions for your specific path, you stop caring about other people's journeys look like. If you live your life to the level of everyone else’s actions, you will get their fruit, and you may not want that.

Your greatest desires are in line with the God-given instructions for our life. God did not give you instructions to frustrate you. He made your life and He wants you to put it together the way He made it. He gave them to you for you to flourish. 

God does things from our consistency. God builds with the things that stay the same. Responsibility equals ownership.

3. Don’t overlook your process.

Get in the habit of celebrating your wins. You may not be where you want to be, but thank God you are not where you once were. When you give God praise, you put Him back where He belongs.

A win is a win, no matter how small.

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