Walk The Walk | Talk Without Walk is Dead

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Have you ever found yourself wishing that your talk would bring the fruit?

This weekend, we dug into the truth that our talk without walk is dead.

Our walk is what shapes and builds our character. So what do we need to learn to walk in?

1. We cannot walk at the pace of our experiences, but we must walk at the pace of providence.

When we don’t deal with our experiences; they deal with us.

For as long as we camp on the outskirts, we’ll never enjoy what is happening in the promise land. In order to walk, we have to realize that not every new experience is going to go the same way as previous ones.

Once we know Jesus, we start fighting for the life we were made for rather than settling for the life we have experienced. Our experiences are not the reality of our future. Our God is bigger than our experiences.

 2. We cannot walk with a wounded spirit.

Once our spirit gets wounded, it changes the way that we step. Spirit is often the one thing we have can’t move past. We often have a hard time moving forward with the spirit that we carry, and it’s hard to point our finger to why. So how do we heal a wounded spirit?

  • Forgiveness. Forgiveness cleans out the wound and allows our spirit to repair. We must forgive out of the awareness that we have already been forgiven.
  • Keep stepping to better experiences. If we don’t develop a new experience to override the old ones, we don’t have a new testimony.

We must not filter our lives through our losses, but we must filter them through His wins. It is by God’s spirit that we walk in confidence. “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

 3. Just because you walked away does not mean you are walking free.

There is a difference between walking away from something and walking free from something - It’s called deliverance. We have to live delivered; not just free. We are not meant to manage our brokenness; we are meant to live in our God-given freedom.

Keep walking. Two legs are going to do more for you than you ever imagined.

Sunday's Worship Setlist

Love Won’t Let Me Down - Hillsong Young & Free

Not Today - Hillsong United

Love Has a Name - Jesus Culture

King of My Heart - Bethel Music