Never Typical

Have you ever walked into your life with a typical idea of what something should be? Often the type of thing we are waiting and searching for is not typical in the way it shows up.

When Jesus showed up to earth it was not the way we anticipated. Jesus was born a virgin birth. He came from a town no one ever would expect Jesus to come from. Jesus came in a non-typical matter. Nothing about Jesus was typical. He offered peace through being peaceful. He offered breakthrough through by believing in God and growing in relationship with Him. Jesus was never typical.

Jesus sets the tone for how we should live our lives. What if we took a moment and looked at the traits of what landed on earth the day Jesus was born?

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like Son, Generous inside and out, true from start to finish.” John 1: 14

God became flesh. He became Jesus for us and He moved into the neighborhood so that you and I had something greater to follow. It was unlike anything we had ever seen before. How might we live in the same theme that God seems to operate out of? How do we become followers of Christ who are never typical?

1. We must never be typical in our forgiveness.

The world keeps creating new ways to hurt, so we have to extend and create new ways to keep forgiving. Forgiveness is a trait that is not typical, but if we are going to be Christians that are never typical, we have to become stronger in our forgiveness.

Forgiveness gives you a new start and it also gives someone else a new start. Forgiveness is what you were given simply because that is who Jesus is. If God gave you forgiveness, then why would you not extend the same forgiveness to others? Forgiveness is not about what someone else deserves, but what you get to give because you received the same thing undeservingly.

Our forgiveness has to get bigger and we have to continually grow in our forgiveness.

2. We must never be typical with our generosity.

What if the church got really good at having more so it could give more? If your generosity is smaller than your vision, you will never see your vision come to life.

Change can never happen until the most comfortable people stop enjoying their comfort so that the least comfortable people can enjoy theirs. Until our own personal comfort takes the back seat, the ones who are struggling and who are seeking comfort will never arrive.

If we are going to be Christians who are never typical, we have to be like Jesus and take the back seat as well. Jesus gave up everything so we could have a life that is full and free. Jesus is the perfect picture of what leading a generous life looks like.

If we are going to live generous, "nevertheless" is going to have to be a word that proceeds our comfort statements.

There is a difference in living out what we want to live and living out what God has called us to live. You never come second by putting God first.  

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