You've Been There Too Long

How long have you been in a place that God doesn’t want you to be in? How long have you been somewhere, steeped in shame, aware of what is not happening, and trying so hard to make it happen, that you are stuck? You are not meant to be stuck.

I bet you that there is somewhere in your life where you are closer to where you came from than where you are meant to go. You are closer to places you came from, than to where God is trying to take you. You and I have the tendency to be much harsher with ourselves than Jesus is with us.

You have the ability to identify Jesus in your seasons and in your worst moments, not by what He looks like, but by hearing His spirit through His words. He can call you out of where you are and lead you to where you are called to be. He is okay making His way to us, we just often get in the way and tend to sit places that we shouldn’t be.

1. You need to dress for the occasion.

You have to realize that you have to dress for where you are going. Sometimes you are still clothed in shame, when Jesus needs you to put on some grace, and meet Him on the shore again. You often have to put yourself in a space to show up again.

So often we are clothed in our defeat and we are clothed in our regret. If you keep sitting there, you will never go where God needs you to go. You need to get up and put some things back on again and go where you need to go.

We also often dress for the world and the people around us. Who you want to be complimented by will determine who you are running for. Who do you dress for? What are you dressing for? Are you dressing for the world? Are you dressing for what religion might expect of you? Are you dressing for what you think you need to cover up? Quite often it’s not what you do, but why you do it. Dress knowing that God is going to use you and that God wants to do something with you.

The Bible calls grace a "great offense". Grace is not defensive because to be defensive means you are protecting something. Grace has already won. Grace has already encountered and defeated your mistake before your mistake has even shown up.

What you were is not who you are, not because of anything other than the fact that Jesus is who Jesus is. You are different because he says you are different.

2. Is it Jesus though?

We have to ask the question, is it Jesus though? So many times we say jobs, dreams, and callings are God, but did He actually say it, or is it our own flesh? The way you are living, is it Jesus though? What if Christianity is not about how often you get it right, but how fast you can correct it? Value where God plants you and understand that it is a principle in the Bible. If you uproot yourself constantly, you will lack consistency to bear the fruit that God wants you to have.

Through kindness, things change.

Following Jesus is extending love and kindness in such an audacious form that it makes people ask, “What have I done to deserve this?” The worse you get, the closer Jesus wants to be. The bigger your mistake, the more He embraces you.

When you find yourself at your worst, God can still use you to bring up your best.


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