Internship Track

Completing internship is an ideal way to serve now, whilst preparing for the future. The focus of the People Church internship program is training. Time will be invested into recognizing your gifting and calling, raising you to greater levels of effectiveness, and releasing your God-given potential.

The People Church Internship program has a one, two, or three-year option. No matter how many years you choose to commit to, ministry training will run throughout the duration of your intern program. This will include informal, on the ground, grass-roots level ministry training, character development, and an option for formal studies to obtain a ministry related degree.

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Degree Track

SEU Degree Track

The SEU degree track is designed for students that are interested in ministry training while working toward a formal college degree. Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL) partners with people church to host an instructional site on the church campus and offer students affordable degree programs.

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This year, we're proud to have a lineup of speakers who are not only at the top of their industry, but who are also highly talented and creative. You won't be disappointed.

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