july 20-21

jones college prep theater

700 s state st. chicago, il 60606



what would you do if you weren't afraid?

What if you could tell someone that you never saw a ceiling in your life? What if the doors you are waiting to open are meant to be built?

I simply believe that we don’t have the luxury of being fearful, dejected, down or set back. Do you know that your life is a gift? Every day is an opportunity to see this gift, open and discovered. We are a gift that’s meant to keep giving. This is only the beginning— surface-level kinda stuff. There is more.

My heart for this conference is that you would come as you are to gain insight and become the biggest fan of your life. In the same breath, laugh until you pee your pants, possibly ugly or pretty cry, and feel so empowered that you might levitate from the ground?! Sometimes we need to hit the pause button and check out from life’s daily demands and lean into moments that will define and fuel us.

I would like to personally invite you to Fashioned Conference 2018. We are gonna set the stage for you girls to live your best life. If you are already living it, we are just gonna reveal some more of it!


We can’t wait to see you there!

Pastor Auds & the Fashioned Team




At Fashioned 2018, we have the following women joining us and they are gonna bring it!


Andi Andrew - NYC, NY

writer and pastor of liberty church in NYC


Mo Isom - ATL, GA

New York Times bestselling author


Jessi Green - Newport Beach, CA

Co-Founder and Lead Pastor of Salt Churches