Chris Carmona was saved at Hillsong church in Sydney Australia at the age of 14.  He started attending Hillsong Youth Services and it was there where the call of ministry began to stir in his heart. In 2003, he enrolled in Bible college where Chris and Audrey (born and raised in Chicago) met.

Not long after finishing Bible College, they got married and were selected to be a part of a launch team that would plant a church on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.  Chris and Audrey were a part of that congregation for 5 years.  Throughout that time, God began to press a call in their hearts to plant a church in Chicago,

with the blessing of their Pastors and Leaders, Chris and audrey set out to plant PEOPLE Church in April of 2012 with the partnership and support of ARC (Association of related churches).  Today, Chris and audrey lead and serve PEOPLE Church Chicago together and are parents to Cruz Phoenix, Madden Jax, Kingston Stone and river eve.