"Most people don't have a problem with believing in Jesus. They have a problem with the church. Quite often the reason people don't believe in God is due to their experience in church." 

Sunday's message really challenged me to look at the areas within my heart where I have not been the reflection of who Jesus truly is. I was humbly reminded that as a vessel of God's love, I hold the responsibility to reflect Jesus in the way I act, the way I speak, the way I navigate my relationships, and the way live my life; for I am a representation of God's house to the world around me. I stand as a product of His grace. The only reason I have the understanding of God's full grace and forgiveness is because of my desperate need for it, and by His love I have been given it freely. Not by my own doing, but by His.

with that, I must give grace and forgiveness as I have have been given it, so that people may see the love of Jesus for WHO He truly is. If they can see Him through me, then they may see Him for them self...and ultimately, that's the goal of the church, right?...To show people who Jesus is that they may experience Him.

May my personal revelation of God pour out of my life in a way that points people directly to him. Jesus, take this heart and show it how to beat. All You are is who I want to be. - Logan