It holds you back when you feel you're moving forward. It keeps you small when you think it makes you bigger. It's deceiving, it's damaging, it's what hold you captive. "Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall." - Proverbs 16:18. This verse has been twirling in my heart for the past few weeks.

To listen is to be free. This freedom can arrive by two different avenues: The first, hearing exactly what you need to hear. The second, hearing exactly what you didn’t know you needed. The latter, in effect, is to be blindsided by your blindspot. This was my experience in Sunday’s message. Recently, God has been addressing a sense of pride in me. He’s shed light on one of its byproducts – the fear of vulnerability.

I often bottle aspects of my personality due to fear of judgement, lack of reception, or non-agreement. I’ve avoided full expression of self, too afraid, too proud, to expose the intricacies of my heart. But those intricacies are the very things God needs to use as vessels, and quite frankly, as a person's specific platform. It's scary, it's vulnerable, but also exciting. I'm challenged to move forward showing more of myself than I ever just be human - the way God intentionally created me. -Courtney