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Last weekend's message was the good & bad kind of pain for my heart. This past season of life has been growing through tearing out. Whenever I heard the word "growth" I always connected it to the word "blossom". I think of flowers, life, and my cup constantly overflowing. Through such heart ache, loss, and depression this past couple years of my life, I've had such a reality check on what growth actually means to me. I've come face to face with the fact that sometimes our sweet Father tears everything away from our lives and our plans. He rips out our roots that we thought were good and life-giving in order to tend to the soil of our life. He creates room for new things to grow. It is painful. It is lonely, and it is so hard sometimes. But this week's message reminded me of the fact that good things come in due time. God's plan for our life is never changing and always present; We just have to get to the place where we need to be so He can start growing what needs to be grown inside of our hearts. We have to have time to sow. We have to walk through a season of constant tending. We have to water. We have to feed. We have to get rid of unhealthiness. There is a process...and sometimes the process is beautiful while other times it hurts unlike any pain in the entire world. I am growing. I am hopeful. ALL IN DUE TIME. -Taylor