Adversity used to make me doubt God’s goodness. What kind of a good God would allow THIS? You can throw around phrases like “God is good, yes He is! He is GOOD!” But you know, you find out if you really, really believe that He’s good when you face adversity. Do you really believe God is working in ALL things, not just GOOD things?

In the fire of adversity is when it seems hardest to trust in God to really, tangibly show up and do something “good” through it all. In that moment, all you will have is faith, and it becomes a conscious choice to continue to believe in His goodness even though it seems like nothing good can result from what is happening. Those are the moments when “clichés” become real convictions.

I am convinced that God is real, good, and actually in control more now than ever. He’s not just watching my life from a distance, but guiding my every step. I know it’s true because I’ve been through fire, relying on Him every step of the way, and I came out unharmed. Nothing can take that away. If the weight wasn’t too heavy for me, I would never have been forced to find out how strong He is. -Jake