Finding Security // Like a plant, you have to grow your roots downward before you can grow upward. Like Matthew 13 and the parable of the sower, your roots have to be planted in good soil — not too rocky, not in thorns, but in fertile ground. The hard seasons are good for testing your roots and where they are growing.

Are you strong enough to withstand the criticisms, the heartbreak, and the hurts life throws your way? If you’re not, it’s probably because you’re rooted in something that’s not Jesus and that isn’t life-sustaining. Don't plant your roots in the guy you're dating, the social media likes, the partying, the world, the fill-in-the-blank-here thing that isn’t Jesus. It’s not going to sustain you, it’s going to inhibit your growth and allow you to be completely uprooted when a storm comes.

To get that growth, you’ve got to get good and secure in your faith and know you were made in God’s image. Yeah, that image — the graceful, peaceful, hopeful one that isn’t the first thing you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. You and I weren’t made to live in labels given to us by those who have handed us rejection, by those who have hurt us, or by ourselves. We were made to live in labels given to God and labels given to us by Him - gracious, loving, wise, chosen, loved, pursued. -Tay