It's crazy to think about where God has brought me and to see the place I am in my life right now. Its truly mind blowing. When I look back, I see my life in stages, each season having prepared me for the next. Never in a million years did I think I'd be a musician, a coffee enthusiast, or even a member of this church. God is continually molding and shaping me into who He has called me to be. He's used each season of my life up until now to prepare me for all He has planned for me in this new season.

It hasn't always been easy to trust His plan. Throughout past seasons of my life, I didn't always think God was in control, but I've begun to realize that He always has been. I used to worry about where life was headed, but in the midst of my uncertainty, I've learned to be still and believe that no matter what, God has a great plan for me.

Pastor Chris said something key this past Sunday that truly spoke to me, "God may not be behind everything but He is out in front of it." I know this to be true because God has met every one of my needs. Even when I don't even deserve it, God has been faithful.

I believe that God has a beautiful plan for my life, as well as for each of His children, but it's ultimately how we perceive, trust, and put His plan into action that makes a difference. Learning to navigate life isn't easy, figuring out your next step isn't easy, not feeling stuck isn't easy, but surrounding yourself with people who love Christ is vital for growth. God uses His children for affirmation, confirmation, and guidance. Be wise who you surround yourself with.

So what's your next step going to be? Do you feel stuck? Prayer and being still have been key in my life. Seek out wisdom in other Christ followers. And sometimes it's simply best if we surrender ourselves and let God show us His way. -Julio