Love of the Father's Heart

It always fascinates me the way that God reveals Himself to us, and the way that He shows us the different parts of who He is through different seasons in our lives. These revelations are always beautiful, and they are what push us into a deeper intimacy with Him. I love the parable of the prodigal son. I love the way it depicts our Father’s heart for us. There is so much hope found in this simple parable. 

As imperfect people under the human condition, do we not all go in the ways of wayward winds? I know I certainly do. Under the limitations of my human-self, I go astray. It’s not always intentional - and actually hardly ever is, but as His children, we have a bend towards going wayward. I believe that this condition is something that we will always face as long as we are on this earth. Out of perfect love, and out of perfect grace, He’s always whispering, “Come on home. Return to me”.

It’s up to our hearts whether we choose to run back to Him or not. If you find yourself in these shoes, I greatly encourage you to run back to the Father. It’s in the moment - the shift of your heart to come “home” to God - that you will discover the Father’s perfect love. There is always be a place for us at our Father’s table. This is our Father’s heart for us. This is His love for us. We always have a place with Him. - Logan