at people church, we believe in having a servant-heart culture. we believe that each person is designed with god-given abilities and gifts which are given to us to build god's kingdom. we believe in equipping people and empowering people with the right tools and resources in order to steward their gifts in the way god created them to.




This is the team that leads the church in worship on a Sunday morning through voice and music. Rehearsals happen every Friday evening and is a non-negotiable for being part of the team!

Production | Bill Jones

This team works closely with the worship team and is responsible for people church's live sound and lighting.

creative | logan tran

This team is the team that produces all of our branded materials and is responsible for our brand identity. This includes content creation and conceptualization, photography, videography, social media, website, blogging, digital design, etc. 


This team runs our Sunday morning Kid’s program, which includes greeting families, checking kids in, teaching a Bible lesson, playing games, having fun, and acting like a kid!

Youth | Jake & Lauren Clampitt

this team runs our youth ministry called original, and is focused on created an energetic, authentic, electric experience for our youth to encounter jesus and experience him in a real and radical way.


This team is the face of our church and is there to connect with anyone who steps through our doors. You will see them in front of the church holding up welcome signs, you will see them in the parking lot assisting people with parking, you will see them at our front doors passing out high fives, and you will see them at our coffee bar serving freshly brewed coffee and pastries. our connections team is responsible for connecting people with the life of our church.

New Christians | Mandy Schoenbein

This team is there to support anyone who raises their hand and makes a decision to follow Jesus. They are equipped to pray for people and help people get connected and planted in church.

Hosting | Orlando Clemons

This team is there on a Sunday morning to usher people into the auditorium for service, seat people in the auditorium, pass out communion when we do it, collect offering, usher people down to the front for the prayer moment, hold doors open for people, etc.

Events | Tramaine stallworth

This team is the glue that keeps Sunday mornings running efficiently, effectively, and excellently. This team liaises with the rest of the serve teams and they essentially run the entire Sunday program, making sure that our sunday services run as smooth as possible.

Special Events | Katie Kiscellus

Throughout the year, we put on special events, and we have a team that plans and executes these events! From special holiday services, to barbecues, to church parties, to serve team expos, etc. It’s mostly a midweek role, with a heavy responsibility on the day of the actual event.

Age groups | Age group leaders

Our age group teams are there to build and pastor our age groups. It could look like leading a grow group within your age group or being a part of running of a service that is specifically geared towards your age group, etc. The age groups are: Youth, Young Professional, Families, and Adults.

Age group leaders:

Youth | Jake & Lauren Clampitt

young professionals | CALEB & DANIELLE BELTRAN 


ADULTS | BILL & Sandra jones