Welcome to Kids Church!

Here at People Church KIDS, we know that church isn’t just for the adults! We believe you’re never too young to know Jesus personally and encounter the Holy Spirit, so we are passionate about introducing kids to the deep things of God while showing them that a life with Jesus at the center is an absolute joy. We aim to serve families and partner with parents in raising the next generation of undignified worshippers and audacious, faith-filled prayer warriors while providing a safe and nurturing environment that teaches kids the Word of God in a fun, engaging, and developmentally-appropriate way.

We want your kids to love and crave coming to church, so we have a passionate team of volunteers eager to welcome, love on, and have a blast with your kids. Any given Sunday, KIDS Church is a place for kids to get into community, discover the Kingdom of God with childlike awe-and-wonder, step out in faith with boldness and zeal, and fall in love with Jesus.



We currently take babies starting at 1 year of age. It is our goal for you to feel safe and secure in dropping off your little ones with our well-equipped Baby and Toddler Team so you can encounter God during service without a worry. We provide a loving environment to care for and nurture your little ones with age-appropriate toys, fun, and worship.

& Kindergarden

In our Preschool and Kindergarten age group, your kids will have a blast while making crafts, playing games, and building friendships. We are silly, full of joy, and passionate about praying bold prayers, singing and dancing in worship, and learning fundamental truths from the Word about what it means to know and love Jesus.


From fun activities & creative projects to crazy & hilarious games, kids in first through sixth grade have an absolute blast. We laugh and build friendships while learning that we can encounter God daily through a relationship with Him. Through praise & worship, praying audacious prayers, and digging into the Word, our kids get to experience what it looks like to live a life-loving Jesus!

Is KIDS Church available for every service?

KIDS Church is available for ages 1 through 6th at every People Church Sunday Service!

How do I check my child in?

You’ll find our check-in team ready and eager to check you in! If it is your first time, plan 5-10 minutes to check-in for the first time; each time after will be a breeze! Check-in begins 30 minutes before each service and check-out lasts 15 minutes following the end of service. Upon check-in you will receive a QR code that must be shown at check-out for your child’s utmost security and safety.

What is your security policy?

At People Church, your family’s safety is one of our highest priorities. Each parent is given a secure, unique QR code for each child upon check-in that is required to collect your child at the end of service. This QR code ensures the absolute safety and security of your child, as no two QR codes are the same. Our KIDS Church area is a secure area. Only background-checked KIDS Team members are permitted in the area to ensure safety. 

My child is nervous, can I stay with them?

Due to our KIDS Church area being a secured area, only background-checked KIDS Team are permitted. We have an experienced, nurturing, well-equipped team of leaders to cater to your child and ensure they are well taken care of. If your child needs your attention at any point during service, we will contact you via DM in Renée.

How will you reach me if my child needs me?

In case of an emergency or your child needs your attention at any point during service, we will contact you via DM in Renée. Please keep your phone in view in case we need to reach you.

What if my child has allergies?

People Church KIDS is a NUT FREE AREA. Please do not bring any peanuts products with you to church. If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know at check-in. This information is stored with your child’s information in our database to ensure their safety during snack time.

What is your sick-child policy?

Please keep your kids home from church if:
- they are experiencing any covid-19 symptoms
- they have had a fever above 99 degrees (without medication) within the last 24hr- they have throw up or had diarrhea within the last 24hrs- green discharge from the nose- pink eye- persistent, deep-sounding cough- strep throat (child should have started antibiotics more than 24hrs before attending)- unexplained and/or contagious rash.

We sanitize all toys/mats/utensils/etc. every Sunday to minimize the spread of germs, but please partner with us in keep sick kids home!

Meet the team!

Sarah Mills

KIDS director

Michaela Moulder

Littles-Kindergarden lead

Shereen Antony

Elementary lead