We believe that real love is shown through action, and our team is here to outwork our church mission to push into dark places, to own and influence spaces that the church has never owned or influenced. We support, collaborate and partner with the community and display the love of God practically and daily through in and out of the box expressions.The Love Is Team has three different areas that help support our ministry:

Global Engagement

This is about a movement not an experience, where we focus on sustainability and changing the narrative of what it is to be missions. We aim to do this through cultural immersion and engagement in the places People Church is called to. Creating framework and through grassroots initiatives that support our global campuses (current and future).

Community Partnerships

In order to fully understand the needs of our community and bring awareness to what’s happening in our city, this area focuses on fostering positive and collaborative relationships with community organizations, schools, nonprofits doing amazing, life-changing work within their communities.

Community Development

Showing real love throughout Chicago by working alongside business owners, budding entrepreneurs and community leaders to provide resources through a business mentorship program that will help create economic opportunities, and utilize existing community assets.